Moot Swimming Academy is a family business owned by Blikkies and Marié Nothnagel. Moot Swimming Academy is situated in Capital Park, which is also known as the Arts Capital in the Moot area in Pretoria. Marié has done various swimming courses with PSTCA, Swimrite and Swimdynamics. She has more than 20 year’s experience of teaching babies, children and adults to swim. She is also a Motor Therapist who incorporates many gross motor activities into the swimming lessons. Blikkies has done the Swimrite and Swimdynamics course and has 10 years’ experience. We have a passion for sports and love to work with children. It is most rewarding when children learn to relax in the water and progress starts to take place. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of swimming lessons for safety and as one of the best sports to address gross motor skills. It also improves and encourages family relations, bonding and a great lot of fun.

Our Core Values:

  • We believe in always safety first, secondly the important fun element and lastly to teach someone how to swim. If beginners do not feel safe and comfortable and it is not fun, learning simply cannot take place.
  • To respect all learners’ fear of the water and help them to conquer the fear in an understanding, loving way. The end result should be for them to love, respect and enjoy the water.

Our Mission:

  • To teach children and adults to love and respect the water through our gentle and fun methods of swim instruction.
  • To give more children the opportunity to learn to swim and to benefit thereof by providing a quality, affordable service.

We provide quality swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, pre-primary and primary school children as well as high school students and adults. We believe that each individual progress at different rates and at their own pace.  We respect and understand that each person is different and is treated as such. We make use of the most up to date swimming teaching techniques, along with strict safety practices.

What we offer:

·       An indoor heated pool (32 degrees Celsius) helps children to relax, have fun and learn to swim naturally.

·       Small class sizes give each child more swim time and teacher attention.

·       Trained teachers who love children and know how to teach your child to swim the proper strokes, independently.

·       Option of one or two lessons per week, each lesson 20-30 minutes long.

·       Baby classes, with babies from 6 months and older, with mom, dad or caretaker in the pool.

·       Toddler classes in the Water Safety Program. Children having fun while learning safety practices.

·       Pre-primary and primary school groups for beginners to advanced swimmers.

·       High school students from total beginners to advanced swimmers.

·       Adult swimming classes from total beginners to advanced swimmers.

·       Transport to and from various schools in our area.

·       Dry viewing/reception area with glass windows where parents are most welcome to watch their children learn.

Class procedures:

A swimming lesson is 20-30 minutes long depending on age and level.

The emphasis from the beginning is on safety; instilling a sense of “water confidence” into children and adults as well as getting all to love water and aquatic activities.

We would like to invite you to browse through our website and contact us should you require any further information.

Top 10 swimming benefits

We all know that swimming is good for our health and can be so much fun. Here is a few benefits that we would like to share with you, knowing that there are many, many more!

1.     Good exercise: Swimming helps you exercise most of your body parts without straining your joints.

2.     Body strength: Swimming not only tones your muscles, it also helps strengthen your bones, especially at an advanced age.

3.     Endurance: Swimming is the best way to test and improve your endurance. The longer you swim, the more your body tolerates hard workouts.

4.     Fitness: Swimming burns about 450 to 950 calories per hour; it all depends on your pace.

5.     Osteoarthritis: If your joints hurt and your muscles are stiff, swimming is perfect to lower the pain. In the pool your body weight decreases, and reduces the pressure over your muscles and joints.

6.     Improves asthma symptoms: Swimming helps asthma patients in avoiding asthma attacks; it helps in their breathing methods and can improve their condition in general. It helps to increase lung capacity.

7.     Cool-down: Swimming after an intense out-of-the-pool workout, helps your muscles in their recovery as it restores your body’s blood movement.

8.     Relax: Swimming releases endorphins and has the same effects as yoga on the human body, thus helping in relieving stress.

9.     Self-improvement: Swimming teaches you discipline and sportsmanship. It gives you a healthy competitive edge, by pushing you to overcome your peers and/or yourself.

10.  Cool off: Swimming is the best way to cool off in the sizzling hot summer; no matter how high the temperature is. Water never fails to freshen you up!

Keep swimming!

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